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* Some of the projects seen on this page are under NDA, and these projects have been white labelled to protect their privacy. These projects have been recreated using fictional brand names, logos, images and text. My role within them remains the same.  

Major E-commerce Platform

A large retail group wants to build an e-commerce platform. This was a $100 million green field project that spanned for 9 months

Surface Laptop Studio_edited.png

Large Financial Institution 

A financial institution began it journey to digitise itself. The first step of this is to digitise its most popular products. 

upturn hero.png


Undertook the Redesign of the Roche website to help drive more traffic and reorganise the information architecture for ease of use.

Roche hero multi screen v2.png


Building new dashboards a cyber security SAAS product to help track and maintain cyber security for their users.


A self study project looking into how audible could be improved as a reading tool to help people neuro diverse readers excel in reading.

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