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I've been in the design industry for 7 years across variety of disciplines.

I believe that great product design comes from collaborative 
understanding of problems and creative solutions.


During my journey as a designer, I have had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with numerous talented and passionate individuals across diverse teams, all united by a common goal: delivering the best user experience.

Beyond design, I relish in the thrill and challenge of climbing in its physical and mental capabilities, discovering delicious cuisine, and curating a collection of international card games.


Academy XI

May 2021

UX/UI full time transform course 

Monash University

November 2017

Bachelors of Industrial design with honours Nov 2017

Hong Kong Academy


International Baccalaureate 2013


Freelancer Designer

Feb 2023 - Present

User Experience Designer, Design Strategy, Branding
  • Working closely with clients on projects.

UX/UI Product designer - Thoughtworks

Aug 2021 - Feb 2023

User Experience Consultant
  • Worked as a UX/UI designer across multiple role and projects from graduate to sole designer on large enterprise projects. 

  • Conducting research, facilitating workshops and driving initiative to help solve problems deliver value. 

UX/UI Designer - Roche

May 2021

Product Manager, Lead Designer, Researcher
  • Worked as a product manager and lead designer to head up the Roche project in conjunction with Academy XI.

  • Managed a team of eight under tight time constraints

  • Coordinated with clients to set up meetings, workshops and updates.

  • Utilized double diamond design process

  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research to validate hypothesis

  • Engaged in agile design methodology to rapidly produce functional prototypes for user testing.

UX/UI Designer Avertro

Mar - May 2021

Design Lead, Researcher
  • Redeveloped Avertro Platform with additional focus on on boarding and transitioning from large business to start up and scale ups.

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to validate assumptions

  • Use research to build personas, user journey maps and run ideation workshops

  • Engaged in agile design methodology to rapidly produce functional prototypes for user testing

Steelfinne Fabrications

Mar 2019 - Feb 2021

  • Responsible for the continued R&D of company products

  • Correct preparation of Solidworks models for manufacturing

  • Make changes for clients based on feedback

  • The production of detailed construction drawings for manufacturing

  • Site visits within the South Pacific Region

  • Organized a small drafting teams on tight deadline

Michael Young Studios

Sept - Nov 2018

Intern Design Consultant
  • Market research around upcoming design projects

  • Creation of presentation decks for internal team and external clients meetings

  • 3D modeling and Rendering of products 


Jun - Aug 2018

UX/UI Designer
  • Brought in to help launch Canya Coin

  • Bridge different dapps to create a cohesive ecosystem

  • Design and develop user flow though the sites wire framing and rapid prototyping in an agile work flow

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