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Email capability

Project overview

The goal of this project was to design a series of engaging and visually appealing emails for an online service to allow them to im engage with users and foster a seamless user experience. By strategically incorporating user-centered design principles and persuasive copy, the aim was to enhance brand perception, encourage user interactions, and drive desired actions.

My role in this porject


Sole Designer

I was the only designer looking into the development of emails and designed and iterated the email and the copy within to address all the use cases of the growing platform.


Information Gathering

As this project was being built from the ground up I undertook liaising with the tech teams and stakeholders to understand the design requirements for these emails, and through workshops we devised a list of required emails.



Working in cross functional teams I was able to be directly involved with the development phase of the emails, providing; screenshots, figma files and hand on consultation to address timelines technical issues and sign off on the final product.


As this platform was completely new there was a need to create the basic emails every platform needs to succinctly communicate with their user base

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