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A little about me

Hello, I'm Peter a passionate designer who is intrigued with how society works, and wants to focus on solving wicked problems with 3 years of industrial design practice and newly embarking on my UX/UI journey.

I was born in Sydney, but raised around the world, 4 years in London, 2 years in Singapore, 2 years in Sydney, and 11 years in Hong Kong.

Having grown up with a unique appreciation of the world as a halfie, and traveling so frequently, has given me a deep interest in culture and curiosity about all aspects of life and the world.

It wasn't until I started my degree in industrial design at Monash University that my passion for design thinking and true curiosity bloomed.

After finishing my degree with honours in November 2017 I was nominated for the Graduate of the Year Award (GOTYA Award) and was scouted to present my honours project in the 2018 Dubai Design Week.

In my time leading up to the Dubai Design Week I worked two internships, one in Melbourne with Canya Coin, a startup crypto currency, and one with Michael Young Studios, a industrial design consultancy based out of Hong Kong.

After returning to Australia I started work as a drafts person to gain a better understanding of the manufacturing process and after 2 years there I decided to learn UX/UI Design with Academy XI. Now I am seeking exciting new opportunities in the UX/UI space.



Academy XI

UX/UI full time transform course May 2021

Monash University

Bachelors of Industrial design with honours Nov 2017

Hong Kong Academy

International Baccalaureate 2013





May 2021

Product Manager, Lead Designer, Researcher

  • Managed a team of eight under tight time constraints

  • Coordinated with clients to set up meetings, workshops and updates.

  • Utilized double diamond design process

  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research to validate hypothesis

  • Engaged in agile design methodology to rapidly produce functional prototypes for user testing.


Mar 2019 - Feb 2021


  • Responsible for the continued R&D of company products

  • Correct preparation of Solidworks models for manufacturing

  • Make changes for clients based on feedback

  • The production of detailed construction drawings for manufacturing

  • Site visits within the South Pacific Region

  • Organized a small drafting teams on tight deadline


Jun - Aug 2018

UX/UI Designer

  • Brought in to help launch Canya Coin

  • Bridge different dapps to create a cohesive ecosystem

  • Design and develop user flow though the sites wire framing and rapid prototyping in an agile work flow


Mar - May 2021

Design Lead, Researcher

  • Redeveloped Avertro Platform with additional focus on on boarding and transitioning from large business to start up and scale ups.

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to validate assumptions

  • Use research to build personas, user journey maps and run ideation workshops

  • Engaged in agile design methodology to rapidly produce functional prototypes for user testing

Michael Young

Sept - Nov 2018

Intern Design Consultant

  • Market research around upcoming design projects

  • Creation of presentation decks for internal team and external clients meetings

  • 3D modeling and Rendering of products 

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